My momentum!

The momentum of a moving bus becomes double whose mass is constant them its kinetic energy will become:

double no change it will stop triple quadriple

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therefore, 2P=m(2v) <-- since m is constant


KE = ½m(2v)² = ½m4v² = 2mv²

2mv² / ½mv² = 4


therefore KE becomes 4x larger (quadruples).


so, if p is doubled and mass is constant, only possible change would be in v

v becomesm2v

now, ke is proprtional to v^2

so, the K.E. will quadriple

The person who wrote the question and you spelled quadruple wrong.

aaryan vaishya - 2 years, 7 months ago
Noel Lo
Apr 13, 2015

Momentum is a product of mass and velocity so if mass is constant, velocity has to double. Since kinetic energy is proportional to square of velocity, kinetic energy should multiply by 2 2 = 4 2^2 = \boxed{4} .

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