100 marbles

Magi has 100 marbles - red, blue and colorful. The colorful and red marbles are 74 and blue and red marbles are 46.

How many colorful marbles does Magi have?

none of the numbers 54 26 no solution 20

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1 solution

Aug 5, 2018

The answer is 54.

You can find the answer quickly if you want or to find each tip of marbles.

  • Here is the quickest way:

100 (all the marbles) - 46 (blue and red)= 54 (the colorful marbles)

Answer 54 colorful marbles.

  • And here is the way to find each tip:

100 (all the marbles) - 74 (the colorful and red marbles) = 26 (blue marbles)

46 (blue and red marbles) - 26 (blue marbles) = 20 (red marbles)

100 (all the marbles) - ( 20+26(red and blue marbles)) = 54 (colorful marbles)

Answer 54 colorful marbles.

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