Level 2

A lottery has 25 numbers and you need to guess 4 of them. The lottery is open on Wednesdays, Thrusdays, and Saturdays. What is the probability that the winning combination today will be 10-14-20-18?

Details and Assumptions:

  1. If it is always possible, answer 1.

  2. If it is impossible, answer 0.

  3. If it has a chance but will not always happen, express your answer as a.b where the chance is a/b. For example, if it will happen 1/2 of the time, answer 1.2. Note that a/b is in lowest terms.

The answer is 0.

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1 solution

Jerome Te
Oct 14, 2018

10/14/2018 is a Sunday. The lotto won’t be open. So, the probability is 0.

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