2 Fathers and 2 Sons

Logic Level 1

Two fathers and two sons go into a candy shop. They each spend $0.50. Yet they only spend $1.50.

How is this possible?

One person stole the money There were discounts Only 3 people came in, even though it says 2 fathers & 2 sons One person changed his mind

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2 solutions

Sameer Syed
Feb 12, 2017

Only 3 people came in. So how could it have been 2 fathers and 2 sons? Wouldn't it be 4 people, meaning they had to spend $2.00?

Well here it is.

There was a grandfather, a father, and a son. 2 fathers, 2 sons. How? The grandfather and father are both fathers, and the father and the son are both sons. 2 fathers and 2 sons.

Mohammad Khaza
Jul 7, 2017

there are 3 people-grandfather, father and and the son(future father.)

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