2 trait independent Inheritance

Biology Level 2

You are a botanist on a new planet, and studying a plant that has either blue or red flowers, and dark brown leaves, purple or striped leaves!

You have observed a few things consistently about the plants: 1. The two traits do not inherit together 2. The offspring of one plant with red flowers and one plant with blue flowers, make 100% blue flowered offspring. 3. Crossing plants with dark brown leaves and dark purple leaves make 100% stripped purple and brown leaved offspring. 4. The only 100% dark brown leaved offspring come from parents that both express dark brown leaves (same for purple leaves).

Assuming inheritance may mimic Mendelian Genetics what can you say about the Alleles of the plants you have been studying? (Note: pick all that are true)

A) The dark brown leave allele and dark purple leave allele are co-dominant and stripped plants carry one dark brown allele, and one dark purple allele

B) The dark purple leave alleles are recessive to dark brown leave allele

C) The blue flowers allele is dominant to red flowers allele

D) The blue flower allele is recessive to red flower allele

E) The traits are independent of each other

B, C and E are True B, D and E are True A, C and E are True A, D and E are True B & C are True

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