2018 AMC 12B Problem #8

Geometry Level 2

Line segment A B \overline{AB} s a diameter of a circle with A B = 24. AB = 24. Point C , C, not equal to A A or B , B, lies on the circle. As point C C moves around the circle, the centroid (center of mass) of A B C \triangle ABC traces out a closed curve missing two points. To the nearest positive integer, what is the area of the region bounded by this curve?

This problem is part of the 2018 AMC 12B .
38 63 50 75 25

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1 solution

Marta Reece
Feb 16, 2018

The point has to be on a line connecting C to the middle of AB, that is to the center O of the circle.

It also has to be located 1 3 \frac13 of the distance OC from O.

The curve is therefore a circle centered at O with a radius 1 3 \frac13 of the radius of the original circle, that is r = 1 2 1 3 24 = 4 r=\frac12\cdot\frac13\cdot24=4 .

The area of this circle is then A = 16 π 50 A=16\pi\approx\boxed{50} .

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