Four Shirts

Logic Level 2

The next day, Mr. Red, Mr. Blue, Mr. Green, and Mrs. Yellow are at a restaurant, this time each wearing different color shirts than last time. One of the people is wearing a red shirt, the second a blue shirt, the third a green shirt, and the fourth a yellow shirt.

All of the sudden they start to have this conversation:

"I can't believe this, we're all wearing colored shirts that are different from our names again." said the person in the yellow shirt.

"Who cares what anybody's name is?" said the person in the blue shirt.

"That's easy for you to say!" Replied the person in the yellow shirt. "You have a cool sounding name. Maybe if they haven't mixed up our shirts back at the laundromat, I would have a better sounding name!"

"That doesn't matter, my name's pretty nice!" Said Mr. Blue

What is the color of the shirt that Mrs. Yellow is wearing?

This problem is a direct sequel to my problem: Three Shirts

I strongly suggest you solve that problem first, as some of the information in that problem is important for solving this problem.

Green Blue Yellow Red

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