3 clues

Logic Level 1

Alice, Bob, and Cathy are talking about their favorite ice cream flavors, foods, and beverages. They all have one favorite flavor of ice cream, one favorite food, and one favorite beverage. Alice, Bob, and Cathy's favorite flavors of ice cream are vanilla, chocolate, and mix, but not necessarily in that order. Their favorite foods are pizza, beef, and chicken. Their favorite beverages are water, coke, and coffee. Each person only likes one food/beverage/ice cream out of the ones listed. Here are the clues:

  1. Cathy only likes foods, ice cream flavors, and beverages that start with the same letter her name starts with.

  2. The person who likes beef likes coke and vanilla ice cream.

  3. Bob is vegetarian.

Based on the three clues, who likes mixed ice cream?

None of them Cathy Can't be solved with the given information Alice Bob

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1 solution

Jonathan Hsu
May 9, 2015

From clue 1: Cathy likes chocolate ice cream, and likes chicken.

From clue 3: Bob likes pizza.

This means Alice likes beef. This also means she likes vanilla ice cream. Which means, Bob has to like mixed ice cream.

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