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Chemistry Level 2

A gas jar contains three different gass A , B , C A, B, C . Let p i p_i and x i x_i denote the partial pressure and the mole fraction of a gas, respectively. Given that

p A + p B = 3625 Pa p_A+p_B=3625 \text{ Pa}

x A + x C = 0.75 x_A+x_C=0.75

x A = x B , x_A=x_B,

what is the total pressure of the gas mixture in the gas jar in Pascals ?

The answer is 7250.

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Christopher Boo
May 4, 2014

Note that,

p i = x i p p_i=x_ip

So the first equation can be written as

( x A + x B ) p = 3625 (x_A+x_B)p=3625

The sum of the mole fractions of components is always 1 1 , so from the second equation, we have

x B = 0.25 x_B=0.25

Substitute the value and an additional information that x A = x B x_A=x_B into the first equation, we get

( 0.25 + 0.25 ) p = 3625 (0.25+0.25)p=3625

p = 7250 Pa p=7250 \text{Pa}

arent there three gases

Aniket Bangroo - 7 years ago

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