5000 problems

I've decided to, instead of writing one problem that uses the number 5000 5000 to celebrate 5000 followers, I write one problem each day for 5000 5000 days.

If I was born at the end of November 1999 and it is the beginning of March 2015 when I start my 5000 5000 problem writing streak, how old will I be when I finish writing all the problems?

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27 30 28 29

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Daniel Liu
Mar 2, 2015

First, 5000 5000 days converts to 13 13 years and 8.3 8.3 months.

Now, if I was born in the beginning of November 1999 and it is only March 2015 right now, then I am 15 years old right now. After 13 13 years, I am 28 years old. Now we must figure out if in the 8.3 8.3 month period, if I celebrate another birthday.

Indeed, the separation between the beginning of March and the end of November is 9 9 months, so I will not celebrate a birthday that year.

Therefore, I will be 28 \boxed{28} years old when I finish.

Fun fact: everything in this problem is true at the time I wrote the problem.

No, I will not be creating problems for the next 13 13 years, but I will be creating problems related to 5000 5000 for the next few days.

Daniel Liu - 6 years, 3 months ago

I got this wrong because for some reason I thought November was the 9th month of the year (whoops), but here are my two cents:


from datetime import date, timedelta
birth = date(1999, 11, 30)
start_problems = date(2015, 3, 1)
many_days = timedelta(days=5000)
end = start_problems + many_days
print "5000 problems written by", end
print "Age:", end-birth

This reveals that the quest is finished by 11/07/2028 and you would be 10570 days old by then.

2028 1999 = 29 2028 - 1999 = 29 , but you can see that your birthday hasn't happened that year yet, making the answer 28 \boxed{28} .

Brock Brown - 6 years, 3 months ago

Nice excuse for not posting questions !!

But don't worry in the next 13 years , your followers will grow exponentially and you will be forced to write a 10000 followers question !

Which reminds me @Calvin Lin sir didn't ever post a 10000 followers question , did he ? Can you ask him to do so ?

A Former Brilliant Member - 6 years, 3 months ago

Congrats for reaching 5000 followers and please make it true by posting problems for 13 years daily

Ha ha ha:)

Naman Kapoor - 6 years, 3 months ago

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