100 Days Later

If today is a Monday, then what day will it be 100 days later?

Monday Friday Wednesday Sunday

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Nihar Mahajan
Jun 1, 2015

When 100 is divided by 7, the remainder is 2. That is, 100 2 ( m o d 7 ) 100 \equiv 2 \pmod{7} . Hence, 100 days from now is the same as 2 days from now. Two days after Monday is a Wednesday.

awesome sir

oh my god genius......

Soban Khan - 5 years, 4 months ago

Same method. Cheers!

Rohit Ner - 6 years ago

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Nihar Mahajan - 6 years ago

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So you are used to late nights frequently i guess... :P

Rohit Ner - 6 years ago

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@Rohit Ner Yes , this is my best time for studying :P

Nihar Mahajan - 6 years ago

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@Nihar Mahajan Mine too! Night is when my brain shines bright! XD !

Rohit Ner - 6 years ago

exactly, coming in after 14.2 weeks !!

Alekhya Alekhya - 5 years, 9 months ago

Thank You Nihar for solution.

Rahul Upase - 5 years, 2 months ago

Pure genius..

অধরা অস্পর্শী - 3 years, 11 months ago

That's great!

Daniel Dezyner - 3 years, 10 months ago

7x10 is 70 plus 35 - 5 day before Monday

Stephen Hamilton - 2 years, 2 months ago

I worked that out In less then 30 seconds n I can't get a job

Stephen Hamilton - 2 years, 2 months ago

When 14 weeks*7 days are 98 (each week means that it keeps being monday)+2 days = monday +2 days =wendnesdsy

Kevin Nigbur - 5 years, 3 months ago

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like This solution

Bo Li - 4 years, 10 months ago

Bomb explanation!

Farooq Majeed - 6 years ago
Bailey Cash
Jun 10, 2015

The largest multiple of seven smaller than 100 is 7 × 14 = 98 7 \times 14 = 98 . Which means it will also be a Monday 98 days from today. Therefore, with just 2 days left until we reach 100, we know the 100th day would be Wednesday.

Joey Romero
Jun 3, 2015

100 days divided by 7 days to a week gives you 14.2 weeks

Nice explanation

vinod kumar - 6 years ago

You should explain that we have to multiply the decimal part with 7 to get the exact answer (1.4 day). If it was 101 days, the division would make 14.42857, I'm afraid people are going to think that the answer was 4 days; even worse, 5 days.

Mario Patty - 6 years ago

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can you teach me what Mod is and how it works. thanks :P

Zohaib R - 6 years ago

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mod is used to find the remainder like 5 mod 2 = 1 bec the biggest multiply less than 0 2*2=4 then 5-4=1

Youssef Hassan F - 5 years, 5 months ago
Satish Kumar
Jun 6, 2015

If today is Monday then it is obvious that after xact 7 days again it will be monday it means after 98 days also it is monday because 98 days consist of 17 weeks hence 2 days left that means next day is tuesday and the other day is wednesday

Álî Rèzá
Jun 15, 2015

The simplest solution is to search this problem on google and u will get the answer.....

James Ooloo
Jan 4, 2019

Basically, you have numbers starting from 0.









You can either count up from sevens until you get to the number thats the highest before 100 or you can do 100 divided by seven, with a remainder of 2. The answer is 98. You know that 98 is a Monday because when you count up by sevens, every number that you count on will be a Monday. However, 98 is still not 100. You need to count up one day for every number.




Therefore Wednesday is the answer.

Mohammad Khaza
May 21, 2017

if we divide 100 by 7,the remainder is 2.

so Monday+2 days=wednesday

nice explanation

Halima Tahmina - 4 years ago

thanks, your comment inspired me

Mohammad Khaza - 4 years ago
Fabio Bittar
Jan 21, 2016

100 mod 7 equals 2, meaning 2 days past 14 weeks. Wednesday.

Ian McLaughlin
Jun 10, 2015

If day 1 is Monday every 7th day will also be Monday. So if we can figure out which day will be the last Monday in the hundred we can count of the rest. 7x7=49, which is almost 50. 50x2=100 and 49x2=98 leaving two extra days after the last Monday. Two days after Monday is Wednesday.

Guna Pk
Jun 6, 2015

100/7=14 and remainder 2, by this 98th day is monday so 100th day is wednesday

Kapil Aggarwal
Jun 6, 2015

100 =2 (mod 7) hence wednesday

Vishruth K
Mar 30, 2021

98 days later: Monday since 98 is divisible by 7 (98 divided by 7 = 14). 2 more days later: Wednesday (the answer). That's 100 days passed!

Soraya Soraya
May 2, 2019

10.10=100 Today is Monday and Monday+9days=Wednesday it means that 10days are passed Now 10days.10days=100days and it will be surely Wednesday

Well all you need to do is 100/7, and just find the remainder.

Phạm Hoàng
Jun 23, 2018

Let's put 100 7 14.2857 \frac{100}{7}\approx14.2857 which we put 14.2857 minus 14 to get 0.2857 \approx0.2857 .We multiply 0.2857 to 2 and we get 2.So,2 more days after Monday is Wednesday

Refath Bari
Jul 3, 2016

In this case, we use modular addition, as so: If we begin at Monday, and we fast forward 100 days, we must divide the amount of days we are "fast-forwarding" by the total number of days in a week, which is 7. We get a remainder of 2, which is the amount of days we go forward from Monday from. 2 days after Monday is Wednesday .

If a Monday appears 7 days after today, then (100 days)/(7 days/week) = 14.2857 weeks where the decimal 0.2857 represents the extra part of the week. Multplying 0.2857 weeks by 7 days/week gives 2 extra days after Monday, therefore, the day is Wednesday.

Gareth Adamson
Jan 21, 2016

After seven days have passed, it will be Monday again. So, we want to divide 100 by 7 and take the remainder.

100 mod 7 = 2

This means that 100 days from Monday is the same as two days from Monday. Therefore it will be Wednesday.

Claire Meng
Jun 16, 2015

(I think this is the simplest way and least amount of knowledge.) The highest multiple of seven that I know from multiplication facts is 7x12 (84). Keep on counting up 91, 98. You have 2 more days until 100, so then 2 days from Monday is (Tuesday [1], Wednesday [2]). So your answer is Wednesday.

Galen Buhain
Jun 15, 2015

it is easy...

Manan Agarwal
Jun 14, 2015

after 98 days it will monday 7x14=98 and hence 100th day will be wednesday

Pâmela Pereira
Jun 12, 2015

I was taught like this in school: 100 (days) divided by 7 (number of days in a week). This division will result in 14 and the rest is 2. If it was a exact number, with no rest, answer would be monday. If rest was 1, tuesday. Rest was 2, so the answer is wednesday!

Keshav Mundra
Jun 11, 2015

7 days in a week therefore 98th day would be MONDAY. Add 2 days to it ie Wednesday.

Ali Bahramishad
Jun 11, 2015

Divide 100 by 7, then you will have 98. On the 98th day it will be Mon. so two days later it will be Wed.

Sunil Prasad
Jun 10, 2015

7x14=98. So, on the 98th day the day will be Monday. 2 days are left which means two days after Monday including Monday. Hence, the correct answer will be Wednesday.

Roger Djedje
Jun 6, 2015

We know if today is monday after a week it will also be monday... so let see how many weeks contain 100 days... 100days=14weeks+2days means in 14weeks it will be monday + 2days so after 100 days it will be wednesday...

Vladimir Vincan
Jun 6, 2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-dh7COSiB7g the point is now to solve it but how fast you solve it :D

Steven Edelmann
Jun 5, 2015

100 % 7 = 2 (NOTE THAT % MEANS MODULUS, NOT DIVISION). Monday + 2 = Wednesday.

Moderator note:

Simple standard approach.

Md Moniruzzaman
Jun 4, 2015

100/7=14.2, that means 14week end Monday and 2days extra. so, that days Wednesday.

98th day will be Monday ( 100/7 balance day is 2 ) so 100th day is Wednesday

Since, in a week we have 7 days so for 98 days it takes 1 weeks, Now remaining two days are 99-tuesday and finally 100th day will be wednesday.

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